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As the warm weather approaches, cat parents are looking for a safe alternative to letting their cats outside. Why should you build a Catio for your cat? Let’s go over some of the pros and cons of these outdoor cat enclosures.



A catio is a patio built specifically to fulfil the needs of your cat. A single Catio can benefit, not only your cat, but will also benefit local wildlife, your neighbors, and you!

How a Catio will benefit your cat:

A Catio provides your cat with:

  • Exercise

  • Stimulation and enrichment

  • A space to call their own!

With a Catio, your cat will enjoy the outdoor atmosphere, while being protected from things like:

  • Dangerous wildlife; such as coyotes and raccoons.

  • Other cats; keeping them from fighting injuries.

  • Dogs

  • Traffic

  • Cruel people; some people will see cats on their property and physically abuse them to deter them from coming around. People will even go as far as killing a cat that is seen as a nuisance.

  • Poisons and toxins; these could be left out with the indirect or direct intention of harming cats. Antifreeze has been a popular option because many animals will voluntarily drink this chemical.

How Catios benefit local wildlife:

Cats are opportunistic predators, meaning they will hunt prey they are met with even if they are not on the lookout for it. Approximately 2.4 billion birds and 12.3 billion mammals in the United States are killed yearly by free roaming cats. Catios allow your cat to enjoy watching the birds from a safe distance keeping everyone safe.

How the neighborhood will benefit from a Catio:

With the addition of a Catio in your yard, your cats are not able to contribute to the growing population of roaming cats. Your neighbor will also be happy to see your catio, knowing their garden will not become an outdoor litter box, bed, or snack, to your kitty!

The benefits cat parents experience with a Catio:

With a Catio, you will experience less destructive indoor habits. Your wallet will thank you with less frequent trips to the vet due to viral infections, diseases such as FIP, FIV, and more. The overall benefit to a Catio is the peace of mind that it will bring you knowing your cat is safe.


  • Your cat will be having too much fun in the sun, they’ll never want to leave their Catio!

  • Building a Catio can take a lot of time and effort.

  • Cats can escape through gaps when a construction or installation is done incorrectly or poorly.

Like you, we believe your cat deserves the best! The Catio Company is here to take care of the plans and build of your Catio, making sure you have a size that works with your layout and your cat’s needs. Bring your ideas to The Catio Company and let us take care of the work so you don’t have to stress!

Check out the rest of our website to see how we could help you with your Catio needs! Follow us on Instagram: @thecatiocompany or our Facebook page to stay up to date with our most recent builds and happy catstomers!

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