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Building a Catio in a HOA

When considering a Catio for your cats, it’s important to check your Homeowners Association’s restrictions to be sure that both you and your contractor understand your community’s design guidelines. HOAs are set in place to ensure your community is cohesive and visually appealing, retaining a high property value - because of this, your contractor will need approval from the Architectural Review Committee when building in your backyard! Every HOA will have different bylaws, but they will all need to see your plans before approving your Catio project. The Catio Company works to provide a detailed and thorough plan to get approved on your first application.

Our clients, Joanne and Laurhens, recently went through the application process in order to turn a pre-existing patio into a beautiful Catio for their kitties, Max and Gryff! We supplied them with a list of materials, a description of our process, and a guarantee that it would blend in with the house and to prove this, we worked closely with a talented 3D renderer to create an intricate visual of what the Catio will look like when completed!

Using this 3D rendering allowed us to convey our vision to Joanne and Laurhens based on their amazing ideas! This large-scale Catio was built with our highest-quality options!


Using cat-safe products, we primed and painted the frame to match the house's trim. The chosen mesh was a 15 gauge, rust-resistant galvanized wire, with 2” x 2” space openings. The client chose our clear polycarbonate roofing option, which allows light through while still providing shade.

The window pet door gives the cats constant access to their Catio. This entrance leads to a cat run that wraps around the side of the house and opens into the side of the Catio.


This Catio has all the bells and whistles! Joanne gave so much input throughout the project and had so many wonderful ideas for custom accessories, including:

  • Custom perches and platforms

  • Step ladder

  • Bridge

  • Bubble dome beds

  • Cat boxes

  • Scratching posts

The rope and carpet we use are for exterior use, extremely weather resistant, and long-lasting.

Max and Gryff’s Patio turned Catio project is a purrfect example of out of the box thinking, and a test to our ability! We tried a lot of new game changing products such as; plastic interlocking tile which is super easy on the paws; a secure latch that locks on both sides; a coir wall climb; and a giant ceiling net! Max was so curious and brave in his new Catio and was quick to try everything out! Gryff was a little more cautious but trusting of his brother and followed in his paw steps shortly afterward. We look forward to collaborating with more clients like Joanne and Laurhens, expanding our Catio horizons!

This project inspired us to get creative and offer more accessories. If you think your cat will love it, we are up to the challenge! Every Catio we build is unique to the client, and their cat's needs and this is why we believe 3D renderings to be super beneficial in our building process. Contact us today with your Catio plans and ideas and we will turn your vision into a reality!

For more images and videos of this amazing Catio, and our other projects, follow us on instagram! @thecatio-company - because who doesn’t need more cute cats on their feed?!

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