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Non-Toxic plants for your Catio

If you are looking to spruce up your Catio and have a green thumb, here’s a list of 9 cat safe, non-toxic plants!

Adding plants to your Catio allows cats to tap into natural instincts and offers enrichment! If your cats love munching your plants, consider planting some for them!

Many of these plants can be grown directly in the soil, but if your Catio has solid flooring, opt for large planters and hanging baskets! Switch the types of planters up, so your cat has variation in height and location!


Bugs: deters whiteflies, squash bugs, & potato bugs.

Tips from The Catio Company: The medium-sized, semi-trailing varieties grow 2-3 ft long, best for hanging baskets, or tall potters, offering your cat a place to hide behind the vines. The large climbing variety, can get to 12 ft tall, and will surround a pole or parts of the Catio enclosure fence, providing shade.

Basil - Ocimum basilicum:

Bugs: deters flies, mosquitoes, whitefly, FLEAS & TICKS

Tips from The Catio Company: if your cat loves to sink their teeth into plants, basil is a great option! It can reach heights of 2-3 feet, spreading 6.5 ft wide. If planted in a location that allows it, your cat may also make this plant a napping spot. Plant it around the perimeter of your Catio to keep fleas and ticks at bay!

Bugs: deters spider mites, squash bugs, aphids

Tips from The Catio Company: dill can reach 3-5 ft tall, and 2-3 ft wide. This herb may offer some benefits to your cat, but above else, they will enjoy some good sniffs!

Bugs: deters mosquitoes, gnats, flies, ants, FLEAS & TICKS

Tips from The Catio Company: most insects will avoid this herb making it a great addition to your Catio! Not a large plant, sitting at 1-2 ft tall & wide, it is an easy plant to add.

Bugs: deters aphids, spider mites, FLEAS & TICKS

Tips from The Catio Company: plant this small 1-2 ft tall, and 1-1.5 ft wide herb around the perimeter of your catio. Your cat will love its distinct scent, and chewy leaves!


Tips from The Catio Company: this large, 10-13 ft tall, and 6 ft wide plant makes for good privacy and wind protection. Your cat will be able to bat at the top from their perches, and hide within the stalks.

Tips from The Catio Company: your cat may mistake the flowers on this plant for bright orange goldfish and give them a nibble! The branches can reach up to 3 ft long. Draping from a hanging basket will allow your cat to swat the “fish”, and hide behind the branches.

Tips from The Catio Company: battable plantlets shoot from the mother plant may be left hanging or replanted to create a ground cover. The crunchy leaves can reach 1 ft in length, and around 2 ft in width.

Remember: plants ingested in high quantities may cause gastrointestinal issues. Monitor your cats, refer to the ASPCA’s Toxic and Non-Toxic Plants List, and get creative with your space! Keep in mind that soil and different plant nutrients for growing can be harmful to cats. Always be sure to do your research and ask questions at plant nurseries if you are concerned.

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With endless catio ideas  floating around (Pinterest, Youtube, TikTok, etc.), you can tailor the design to fit your space and budget. From repurposed materials to creative hacks, the possibilities are endless! And adding plants to it, following directions and suggestions from this article can only make it better, the perfect safe and entertaining outdoor space for our cats!

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