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Inspiring Catio Ideas

Explore a world of catio inspiration ideas that blend safety, style, and feline bliss. From enchanting designs to functional spaces, our gallery is filled with creative concepts to elevate your catio experience. Discover ideas for various sizes and locations, ensuring your outdoor haven is as unique as your cherished cats. Dive into our curated collection to spark your imagination and create the ultimate catio paradise. Let the inspiration flow for a space where your cats can play, lounge, and enjoy the great outdoors, all within the safety of their customized haven.

A 4'x8'x8' Catio with door on the side

Number of cats: 2

Features: A tall scratching post, a cat hiding box, perches, and a microchip pet door.

This stunning 4'x8'x8' catio is stained with a natural cedar tone, showcasing a 1'x1' heavy-duty mesh, and polycarbonate roofing panels for optimal weather protection. Connected to the house via a small cat run, it serves as the beloved retreat for Lyra and Atlas, two feline companions who find joy in exploring the serene environment of the catio.

The microchip pet door, featured in this catio, lets you stay updated on your cats’ comings and goings, offering insights into their behavior and patterns when you're away from home. This door can be locked and unlocked remotely, providing peace of mind.

You can easily replicate this catio using our 4'x8' DIY plans; make minor adjustments to the door location for a customized touch. 

4'x8'x8' catio
inside of catio
freestanding catio
cat in catio
cat scratching pole
cat entering the catio

Lyra on a top perch

Lyra scratching the pole

Lyra entering the catio

10'x10'x10' catio with 8' cat run and a window catio

Number of cats: 2

Features: A tall scratching post, a cat hiding box with bubble, tree limbs, a bubble dome bed, cat scratching steps, and a disco ball!

This beautiful 10'x10'x10' catio is connected to the house via an 8' cat run, and it is home to two very special kitties, our cats Misty and Spooky! two adorable siblings found under a deck renovation during a previous catio project. 

Fun fact: Found during the fall and Halloween season these all five siblings were named: Misty, Spooky, Thunder, Moonlight and Smokey. All the siblings were adopted by close family and friends!

Build this catio with our 10'x10'x10' DIY catio building plans, coupled with cat run plans for easy access.

gable roof catio
freestanding catio
DIY Catio plans

Spacious Luxury Catio on a Balcony

Spacious luxury catio on a balcony
Catio enrichment on a balcony

A spacious catio on a second-floor balcony, stained with a natural cedar tone and integrated into an existing deck. The catio boasts a variety of cat enrichment accessories, including two bubble dome beds, two hiding boxes, a tall scratching pole, ramps, and perches, creating an engaging environment for 4 adventurous cats. Cat access is made easy through a window pet door insert. Trim was installed for a more polished finish and multiwall polycarbonate were placed on the sides to provide shelter from the rain, ensuring a cozy and protected space for the cats to explore and enjoy the outdoors.

Catio on a balcony

Inside view of the catio

large catio on balcony

Trim and Multi-wall panels for weather proofing barrier

cat in catio

One of the cats enjoying the catio!

Check out this video of the cats using it for a glimpse into their playful haven!

Fun Video Click Here!

Patio to Catio with sliding doors!

Patio to catio
Small patio to catio
cat playground

We transformed a small patio into a lovely catio, complete with a tall scratching pole, a cozy bubble dome bed, a bridge, and a cat hiding box.


We crafted two sliding barn doors. Additionally, we added a shelf atop a table, allowing clients to slide the table out for their enjoyment of the space. The sliding feature serves to prevent cats from walking on it when not in use.


This catio is shared by three fortunate feline companions.


For a closer look, check out the video showcasing the features of this delightful catio here!

Small Catio

Smaller catios are an excellent choice for older cats and those with special needs. These smaller spaces provide a secure and enjoyable outdoor environment, ensuring a safe haven for the cats to relish the outdoors with peace of mind.

Small Catio
cat tunnel
small catio idea
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