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Catio Accessories

At The Catio Company, we're passionate about elevating your cat's paradise with a large selection of catio accessories that redefine cat enrichment. Our mission is to explore and introduce new, innovative products that not only meet but exceed our standards of quality and cat-approved fun.


Our accessories are designed to stimulate your feline friend's senses and create the ultimate cat playground.

But the creativity doesn't stop here; we actively seek inspiration from our community. Your input matters, and we encourage you to share your unique ideas and requests with us. Together, we can tailor your catio experience to match your cat's individual preferences.

Stay tuned for an ever-expanding collection of accessories, each crafted with care to enhance your catio's charm. We're just getting started, and the best is yet to come! 

cat perches

Perches with carpet

cat perches
cat on a perch

Bare cedar wood perches

Cat lounging on a perch

What to put in a catio?

Perches and Ramps

Why include ramps and perches in your catio?

Ramps and perches are fundamental for creating an engaging and stimulating catio environment. They offer vertical spaces for climbing, observing, and lounging, addressing your cat's natural instincts for exploration and territoriality. Elevated areas contribute to a harmonious multi-cat setting, providing individual spaces for each feline.


Do ramps and perches have to be carpeted?

While carpeted surfaces enhance comfort and traction, they are not obligatory. The choice between carpeted and bare wood perches depends on you and your cat's preferences and the convenience of maintenance.

What type of carpet to use that is easy to clean and replace?

Select outdoor-grade carpets for durability and resistance to the elements. These carpets are easy to clean and replace, ensuring a hygienic and comfortable surface for your cats.

How do you decide the layout of the perches?

We meticulously consider factors such as the number of cats, their ages, and individual personalities. By tailoring the layout to accommodate the unique needs of each feline resident, we create a dynamic and engaging environment that caters to various preferences and ensures a harmonious multi-cat experience. 

Remember to observe your cat's behavior to fine-tune the catio layout, ensuring it aligns with their individual preferences for an enriched and fulfilling experience.

Fun Fact: Each Cat Chooses and Claims Their Perch!

Scratching Post

Wrapped with a durable synthetic rope, these posts are built to withstand the toughest scratching sessions.

The synthetic rope is specifically chosen for its exceptional strength and resilience, making it an ideal choice for exterior use.

Importance of Cat Scratchers:

  1. Instinctual Behavior: Scratching is a natural instinct for cats. It helps them stretch their muscles and maintain healthy claws.

  2. Nail Maintenance: Regular scratching aids in shedding the outer sheath of the claw, preventing overgrowth and potential discomfort for your cat.

  3. Stress Relief: Scratching is a stress-relieving activity for cats. It allows them to release tension and express their emotions, contributing to overall well-being.

cat scratching pole
scratching post

Cat Scratcher steps

Crafted from synthetic rope, these steps provide a safe climb for your feline friend while ensuring a secure grip.

Our cat, Misty on the scratcher step

cat on steps
Cat steps
cat steps

Cat Hiding Boxes

These cleverly designed boxes provide a wonderful hideaway for your feline friends.

Our boxes are fully customizable to suit your cat's size and preferences. We can add openings in any shape you desire, making it an exceptional fit for your feline friend. But wait, there's more! We can even incorporate bubble domes of different sizes, adding an extra element of excitement and curiosity for your curious kitties. 

Importance of a Cat Hiding Box:

  1. Security and Comfort: A hiding box provides a secure and comfortable space for your cat, offering a sense of security and reducing stress.

  2. Privacy: Cats, being naturally territorial, appreciate having a private space where they can retreat and observe without feeling exposed.

  3. Adaptation to Change: Cats may find comfort in a hiding box when adapting to new surroundings or changes in the household, offering a familiar and reassuring space.

Cat box with dome

Bubble Dome Bed

Acrylic domes that serve as both beds and lounging areas for your furry companions! Who can resist the charm of smooshed furriness? These cozy and inviting domes provide the purr-fect spot for your cats to curl up, relax, and indulge in their favorite pastime: lounging.

Watch as your cats snuggle and snooze in these delightful domes, their fur smooshed in the most adorable way imaginable. It's a sight that will warm your heart and bring a smile to your face. 

Bubble for cats
Cat bubble dome bed
cat in bubble bed

Our cat, Misty smooshed in the bubble dome bed.

Tip: To encourage your cat to explore the Bubble Dome Bed, try placing toys, treats, or a cozy cat cushion inside initially. Creating a positive association with the bed will attract your cat and make the new space more inviting.

Step Ladder

Cats love to climb and explore vertical spaces. A step ladder adds vertical elements to the catio, providing an elevated playground for your cat.


​We will position the step ladder strategically, connecting different levels of the catio and providing access to various perching spots.

Suspension Bridge 

A suspension bridge is a fantastic addition to your catio design, bringing an extra layer of excitement and enrichment for your feline companions.

  • Suspension bridges offer a unique opportunity for cats to explore their catio from an aerial perspective, satisfying their natural inclination to climb and perch.

  • Cats love the thrill of walking across a suspended bridge. It adds an element of playfulness to their environment, engaging them physically and mentally.

  • The suspension bridge is securely anchored, providing a safe and stable pathway for your cats to enjoy without any wobbling or instability.

Adding a suspended bridge to your catio not only enriches your cat's environment but also introduces an element of adventure and thrill to their playtime.

Tree Limbs

Looking to bring a touch of nature to your cat's paradise? Our tree limbs are a great addition! We'll provide you with a photo showcasing the unique selection we currently have in stock. We, of course, are happy to incorporate limbs you may already have.

Please note that due to the limited availability, these tree limbs are in high demand. So don't wait too long to snag the perfect piece for your feline friend's enjoyment. Let the exploration begin!

cat on tree limb

Cat Hammock

Crafted with durable and weather-resistant materials, this cat hammock provides a cozy elevated spot for your cat to lounge while enjoying the fresh air. The sturdy design ensures stability, and the breathable fabric keeps your cat cool and comfortable.

cat in hammock
cat hammock
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