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Welcome to The Catio Company!

With a background in construction and a desire to work with animals, The Catio Company was born. It was through residential contracting that Rivers was tasked to build his first ever Catio, and since then, we have never looked back! The two of us knew we wanted to share Catios and their benefits with the world, and through Rivers’ expertise, Daniela’s creative touch, and our combined passion and knowledge, we knew our next steps were going to be big!

Working in the construction industry for over 10 years allows Rivers to build our Catios with precision, creating beautiful, long lasting builds that seamlessly integrate with your home. It is important to us that our final design has character. Daniela breathes life into our builds, ensuring no Catio is complete without her personal touch, adding interior accessories and fixtures, to match your ideas, and meeting your cat’s unique needs.


October of 2022, we were working on a Catio project and had found five kittens under a deck we were rebuilding. Knowing they were not safe here, we decided to trap the mom and bring the family home to care for and adopt out once they were older.

It was very clear to us that the momma cat was very feral and stressed being in a house environment and although it broke our hearts, we knew we needed to come up with the best solution for her.

We thought about it for some time and decided that getting her vaccinated, spayed, and releasing her would be our course of action.

We had high hopes for this family and were determined to do our best for them. After speaking with our previous client, we brought the momma cat back to where we found her. We set her up with a warming shelter and she is provided food and water by the lovely home owner. We found homes for three of the kittens, but two of them had already found their home here, with us.

Spooky, his sister, Misty, and the rest of their siblings have made our work feel more personal. Going through this journey with the kittens and the momma cat has definitely reassured us that our work is important.

We believe in providing cats with a safe outdoor territory, offering peace of mind to their owners, while also reducing the stray, feral, and roaming cat population. We aim to deliver the best for our clients’ cats, meeting their individual needs. Your cats become honorary members of our family and nothing makes us happier than seeing the cats enjoying their new Catio, while you get to relax.

We always look forward to meeting like-minded individuals through our work and wish to create a network of people, like yourself, that connect through a shared love of cats. Our goal with The Catio Company is to provide cat parents with information and the resources they need. We take pride in bringing creativity and high quality craftsmanship to these incredibly beneficial structures! The people we build for inspire us everyday with their compassion and dedication toward animals; especially cats. We strive to carry out that same level of care through every Catio we have the opportunity of bringing to life. We have learned a lot along the way and only hope to grow further, while keeping the same excellent level of service and quality, yet offering more options to continue to benefit cats and their families.

Choose The Catio Company today! Check out our frequently asked questions page and fill out our contact form with your information, ideas, and any further questions you may have. Give your cats the gift of The Catio Company and we will give them a lifetime of safe outdoor fun!

Become a part of our cat-munity! Be sure to check back here for our blog posts to learn more about cats!

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Oct 12, 2023

Wish I had the imagination 20+ years ago to build catios; what a great idea! I want to move to Portland and build catios with you!! 😍

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