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The small but purrfect Catio in Portland

This small floating Catio was built mainly for two cats: Philip and Miranda. It will also be used by the occasional foster momma cat when she needs a break. Having limited space, our creativity was required to build an enjoyable environment for these cats.

We built two spaces using turf on the floor, one covered in gray polycarbonate roofing and the other open.

The two spaces are connected by an open tunnel. For the tunnel's floor, we used deck boards, so they can be easily removed for cleaning.

The pet door was also supplied and installed by us. This pet door is one of our favorites and is used most often. It has two flaps for added insulation. The aluminum frame is sturdy and comes with a locking insert to make it more secure.

We built a scratching post and some perches for them. The cats were pleased with the final result.

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