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DIY Catio Plans

The Catio Company is proud to announce that we are releasing our own DIY Catio plans for you to choose from to match your cat’s needs! Just like all of our Catios that we’ve built, these plans have been a labor of our love, and dedication to our customers, future customers, and their cats! Below, you will find important variables you need to consider to help you determine which plans are for you.

Let us guide you through what you need to know to build a Catio!

Think About:

  • How many cats you have and their age

  • Your cat’s specific likes and interests

  • Your cat’s physical capabilities

  • Map out desired location and dimensions for Catio

  • Catios come in all shapes and sizes so be creative with the space you have!

  • Create a budget that works for you

  • Account for materials and accessories!

It is very important for you to go into a Catio build, knowing the information above. All of this will tell you how much space you need, and which Catio plans will work best for you! This will also help you decide what you can incorporate inside of your Catio! You will need space to add extras, so if you know you want platforms or a tall scratching post, account for that when choosing your plans!

Here are some accessory ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

What to put inside of a Catio?:

  • Perches, platforms, beds, scratching posts, hammocks, plants; let your imagination run wild!

  • Consider adding a bench or a daybed to enjoy the space with your cat.

Materials we use to Build your Catio:

Always search for high grade, pet safe materials.


We always recommend cedar wood, good to deter bugs, and to ensure long lasting, sturdy structures that are weather resistant. You can choose to paint, stain, seal, or leave the wood as is.


Metal mesh ranges of thicknesses, space opening sizes, and metal finishes. You can also choose to add pet screen to keep out bugs! Galvanized mesh will withstand nature and will not rust!


Does the location offer shade, is it in direct sunlight, open to rain or debris? Choose from mesh, metal, and polycarbonate roofing. Polycarbonate roofing is clear, yet still provides some shade.


Natural grass will be cost effective, but if mud worries you, consider pet turf to keep the grass look. River pebbles, concrete pads, or wooden decking. We recommend plastic interlocking tiles! These tiles are easy on your cats paws, and super easy to install!


Choose between window pet door, sliding glass pet door, or install a pet door through a house wall. Final decisions should be based on Catio location, along with size and age of cat.


If your Catio is not attached to a pre-existing patio door, you will need to add one! It is highly important to add a secured, tamper proof latch. This latch is lockable from both sides and great for any cat that is able to open doors!

We are so excited to offer these plans so cats far and wide are able to benefit from our Catios! If you have any further questions about our plans, and which would suit your needs the best, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! Our plans will have a list of everything you need, instructions, and a guide to follow.

Follow us on Instagram for more inspiration for your own Catio build! @thecatio-company

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