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Let's talk Catios!

All of our Catios are built from Grade A Cedar wood. Cedar is strong and durable, thrives in damp climates, and has a high moisture resistance. Natural oils in the wood keep it from rotting and decaying. It also works as an insect repellent while giving your catio a fresh cedar smell.  Cedar will give your Catio a long life expectancy of 30 years or longer.

From Patio to Catio Conversion - Transforming Outdoor Space for Feline Enjoyment
Contented Cat in Spacious Catio - Enjoying Safe Outdoor Freedom
Cedar and Mesh Catio with Trim - A Beautifully Crafted Outdoor Space for Cats

Paint and Stain

You can choose to keep your Catio natural, paint it to match your house, or stain it.  We offer stain, water sealant, and paint for all options. Standing with our high expectations of fine material we always use high grade pet safe exterior stain and paint. If left natural cedar will gray over time. This isn't a structural issue but will change the aesthetics of your Catio. We do recommend at least using a clear sealer to prolong the life of your Catio.

Seamless Home Integration - A Catio That Harmoniously Blends with the House


There are many options when it comes to fencing, and all of them are cat-friendly! While we are open to your suggestions, these are our most used options that have been tested and approved by cats and their owners.

Here are our top recommendations:

Curious Cat in Catio - High-Quality Mesh Ensures Safety and Visibility

In areas with wildlife such as coyotes, raccoons, etc., it is recommended to use a 16 gauge or heavier mesh.

For homes where kittens are going to have access to the catio we highly recommend using a 1"x1" or smaller opening mesh.


To prevent small bugs and mosquitoes from entering the catio, a pet screen can be added on top of the mesh.

  • Durable and long-lasting

  • Resists damage by pets, wind, and weather and is 7-Times stronger than regular insect screening.

Catio - A Custom Outdoor Space Designed for Feline Enjoyment and Safety



  • Virtually unbreakable.

  • Long term weather resistant.

  • Sunlight resistant, won't discolor under the sun.

  • Lightweight.

  • Variety of colors.

  • This comes in either corrugated or flat multiwall options.

Corrugated Metal

  • Ideal for protection against wind, heat, humidity, and water.

  • Made from durable galvanized steel.

  • Will not rust.

  • Long lasting.

  • Provides a rustic look.

  • Recommended in areas where heavy debris may fall on the catio, such as large tree branches.


Mesh Panel

  • Most affordable option.

  • This option is great in areas that are already covered or in circumstances where the catio does not need to be protected from rain.


  • Decking, we can either build on an existing deck or build a new deck for the Catio.

  • Keeping your natural grass is a great affordable option that the cats will love. (This option may bring mud into the home and will require regular maintenance).

  • We also offer laying down pet turf. We use a high grade artificial turf. This provides a soft comfortable floor for you and the cats to enjoy. Easy clean up, no mud, resistant to pet accidents due to drainage, and easy to replace if needed. Turf is a great option.

  • As an alternative, we recommend using either river pebble or pavers on flat ground.

  • We also can build on existing concrete pads/pavers which provides security and usually a fairly level working space. 

  • We can add plastic interlocking tiles, which helps keeps the paws of our lucky catsomers clean, warm and comfortable.



Catio Accessories - Enhancing Feline Enjoyment with Handcrafted Additions

Pet Door

A wide range of pet doors are available for Sash windows, Sliding doors, and Through the wall. Installation will also be handled by us.

Based on the age and size of your kitties, we will select the right pet door for them.

Curious Cat at Home - Peering Through the Catio's Pet Door
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Whether you're wrangling a wild patio, constructing a freestanding feline fortress, or crafting a window wonderland, we've got purr-ific suggestions that will make your whiskers twitch with excitement. Get ready for accessory ideas that will make your catio the envy of all cats!


Cat Perches - Elevated Platforms for Your Feline Friends to Relax and Observe

Our high-quality ramps and platforms will make your cats feel like they're conquering Mount Meow-lympus. We customize each catio to fit your cat's unique needs, taking into account their size and age. Our durable marine-grade plywood and cedar boards paired with cozy outdoor-grade carpets ensure long-lasting comfort and functionality.

Our team is dedicated to bringing your vision to life and creating a catio that suits your cats' needs and your design aspirations. Let's make their dream playground a reality, one leap at a time!

Cat Hiding Boxes

These cleverly designed boxes provide a wonderful hideaway for your feline friends.

Our boxes are fully customizable to suit your cat's size and preferences. We can add openings in any shape you desire, making it an exceptional fit for your feline friend. But wait, there's more! We can even incorporate bubble domes of different sizes, adding an extra element of excitement and curiosity for your curious kitties. 

Cozy Handmade Cat Box with Bubble Dome - A Happy Cat Enjoys Comfy Shelter with a View
Synthetic Manila Rope Steps - Providing Cats with Climbing and Exploration Opportunities

Scratching Post

Say goodbye to shredded furniture and hello to the purr-fect solution: Scratching Posts! These feline-friendly masterpieces are designed to satisfy your cat's natural instincts while protecting your beloved couches and curtains.


Wrapped with a durable synthetic rope, these posts are built to withstand the toughest scratching sessions.  The synthetic rope is specifically chosen for its exceptional strength and resilience, making it an ideal choice for exterior use.

Whether you prefer a ground-to-ceiling post, an integrated shelf with scratching functionality, or even cat-scratching steps, we've got you covered.

Bubble Dome Bed

Introducing our delightful acrylic domes that serve as both beds and lounging areas for your furry companions! Who can resist the charm of smooshed furriness? These cozy and inviting domes provide the purr-fect spot for your cats to curl up, relax, and indulge in their favorite pastime: lounging.

Watch as your cats snuggle and snooze in these delightful domes, their fur smooshed in the most adorable way imaginable. It's a sight that will warm your heart and bring a smile to your face. 

Cat Relaxing in Bubble Dome Bed
Bubble Dome Bed for Cats
Step Ladder - A Convenient Accessory for Cats to Reach Elevated Spaces

Step Ladders

Introducing our fantastic Step Ladders, the cat's secret to conquering new heights and reaching ultimate relaxation! 

With multiple steps or levels, our Step Ladders are like the feline equivalent of an escalator to adventure. Whether your kitty wants to descend to ground level or ascend to a majestic high perch, our ladders have got them covered.

Wood Bridge

Each wood bridge is lovingly crafted with attention to detail, ensuring a sturdy and durable structure that can withstand the most daring kitty adventurers. Whether your feline friend wants to conquer new heights, traverse between platforms, or simply show off their acrobatic skills, our wood bridges provide a jungle gym of opportunity.

Handcrafted Wooden Bridge - A Charming Addition for Your Cat's Playground
Human Bench - A Comfortable Seating Option for Catio Observers

Hooman Bench

The must-have seating option for cat parents seeking the ultimate bonding experience. This bench brings comfort, style, and feline companionship together.

Tree Limbs/driftwood

Looking to bring a touch of nature to your cat's paradise? Our tree limbs are a great addition! We'll provide you with a photo showcasing the unique selection we currently have in stock. We, of course, are happy to incorporate limbs you may already have.

Please note that due to the limited availability, these tree limbs are in high demand. So don't wait too long to snag the perfect piece for your feline friend's enjoyment. Let the exploration begin!

Catio with Driftwood Accents - A Natural Touch to Your Cat's Outdoor Haven
Tree Limb-Inspired Catio Design - Providing Cats with a Taste of the Wild
Outdoor cat hammock

Cat Hammock – the purr-fect accessory for your feline friend's outdoor relaxation!

Crafted with durable and weather-resistant materials, this cat hammock provides a cozy elevated spot for your cat to lounge while enjoying the fresh air. The sturdy design ensures stability and the breathable fabric keeps your cat cool and comfortable.

At The Catio Company, we're always on the lookout for new and innovative ideas to enhance your cat's paradise. We love exploring new products, testing their functionality, and ensuring they meet our high standards of quality and cat-approved fun.

But we're not the only ones with great ideas! We value your input and welcome your suggestions. If you have any unique ideas or requests, don't hesitate to share them with us. We're here to make your catio dreams a reality.

So, stay tuned for more amazing accessories, creative designs, and thrilling ideas coming your way. We're just getting started, and the best is yet to come!

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